Are you Awesome? (2)

Are you Awesome? (2)

You know your awsome, but you don't know just how awesome you are. Find out if you are awesome...or not.

published on January 27, 201350 responses 10 4.1★ / 5

You wake up in the night and your house is on fire! Who do you save?

My family members, of course!
That teddy bear that I've had for a long time...
My favorite dress!
My dog.
My collection of Percy Jackson books!
My Justin Bieber life-sized cutout! (Ugh!)
Are you kidding? I'm just saving myself!

You want to be...

Famous! What else?
A smart person.
That guy on TV who wins lots of money.
A fashion designer!
A pony.
An assassin.
A jedi!
I haven't recieved my acceptance letter from Hogwarts yet, so I can't say...
Um...what did you say?
A Demigod!

You like to...

Annoy people. Especially my siblings...
Play Video games. What else is there to do with life?
Read! The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson...
Be outside. Run around, play sports...
daydream about boys. (bleh)
Cut my neighbors' annoying dogs in half with a chainsaw.

Favorite animal?

Wolf, Dog--things that lick my face.
Eagle--as long as it can carry me.
Whatever animal can cause the most pain to mankind.
Anything pink!
Animals...I couldn't care less.
Poisonous Snakes!
Something that swims...
Are you kidding? I'm going to be a vet when I grow up!

You're stuck in the woods. You're lost, and you don't have anything! It's starting to get dark... What do you do?

Heck, I wouldn't have gotten lost in the woods in the first place!
Whatever Katniss does.
Kill whatever I can and eat it raw.
Scream for help!
Turn on mankind and start biting anyone I meet.
Turn on my cell phone and try to call or text someone...