X-Men Personality Quiz

X-Men Personality Quiz

Which x-man are you? Find out with this quiz!!! Mostly based on the movies, but some aspects are from the show/comics. There are only six possibilities, though. Sorry, but have fun!! :)

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If you and all your friends were sitting in a room and two of your friends got into a very heated debate, what would you do?

What would I do? I'd be one of the ones arguing!!
Attempt to make the people see the right thing to do, even if it meant getting into the argument myself
Sit quietly and listen, only speaking if I was asked
Speak quietly to those around me in a very calm manner on how to stop the conflict
Stand up and tell everyone to shut up and work together!
Stand up for the side I think is right, but attempt to calm the mood

If someone told you that they love you, what would you say?

I always have, and always will, love you too
Thank you. *smile* I love you too
I love me too!
*surprised silence for a while, smile* I think I love you too
I think that this is an interesting time for you to say such a thing as that
I am not easy to love, but I will do my best to show you how much I love you too

What country would you represent?

Whatever feels right to me
Germany, despite its history
Whichever one happened to be making the best decisions at that moment, I suppose
Kenya, I would support it
Good old America

Which special power would you like to have?

Control over the elements and weather
Invulnerability and fast-healing
Super strength and agility
Telekenesis and mild telepathy
Laser eyes

Magneto has just captured the love of your life!! What do you do?

Sneak in and try to rescue them as quietly as possible. If I have to fight, so be it
Rip him and anyone else in my way to shreds!!
Try to convince him of the wrongness of his actions and if that fails, then I get violent
Offer myself up in their place
Worry and fret, but go to all ends to get them back
Ask my freinds for help and rescue my love with minimum losses

What do you think is the key to survival?

I believe intelligence will help you survive
Sadly, sometimes anger is the only way to get through things
Calm and peace
One must always have faith
Loyalty and trust
Solitude. No one will hurt you

What are your favourite colour(s)?

Blue, blue, blue
NOT blue.
I like red and black
What a ridiculous question. This is not helpful to establishing one's personality
Black and orange, with blue accents
Yellow and blue
Maybe yellow

You and a fellow x-man have agreed to rendez-vous. You arrive at the appointed time, but they have not shown up. What is your reaction?

Wait for them to arrive, then give them a very stern lecture on punctuality
Go in and take care of whatever I have to. If they show up, good for them. If not, oh well.
They must have a very good reason for being late. Wait it out like a normal person
Contact them to see if they are okay
Wait however long I have to. Good thing I brought a book!
Scout the area carefully and try to determine a definitive plan of action, making sure I DON'T GET CAUGHT

You and your team have just been asked to work with Magneto and his team. You are the deciding factor. What is your answer?

I will probably work with them, but will stay as far away as possible
I will work with them, but be very cautious
If this deal is the most intelligent thing to do, then of course. If not, I don't know why they bothered asking.
I will try to make a deal which is beneficial to the both of us. And I will be able to tell if they are lying
Only if the situation is EXTREMELY critical. And it is not a long-term deal.

Last but not least, what is your take on the mutant segregation issue?

We are people too!!
Why even bother? We PROTECT people, not harm them.
It is completely understandable. There are some not-so-very-nice mutants
Hey, if the humans get hurt, they brought it on themselves
It is extremely foolish and immature. We could help each other, if the humans could only see past their bigotry.
Sometimes, the hatred goes beyond the surface. We must attempt to understand each other