Would I date you? (1)

Would I date you? (1)

Look before you hate or whatever I know i'm young but i'm just curios and for the heck of it because i've seen alot of others do it.. Oh and only boys please because i'm not lesbian

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On our first date were would you take me?

A beach picnic watching the sun set
To the movies watching a comdey film
To a football game
To the park watching the night stars

If you took me home how would you say goodbye?

I would say "Goodnight" then kiss you goodbye
I would say "cya later"
I would just walk away
I would hold your hand then say "goodbye"

What kind of girls do you like? P.S you get a higher score if you pick the anwser that's closet to my apperence and be honest on what kind of girls you like

Brown hair,hazel eyes doesn't really matter to me it depends on her personallity
Dirty blond hair brown eyes
Blond hair,Blue eyes slim body, lots of makeup,cheerleader

What do you look for in a girl?

Nice smile,Sweet,Funny,Caring,Smart
Sexy,Hot,Mean,Prom queen,Cheerleader,Prettiest girl in school

What kind of guy are you?

Kind,Funny,Shy,Kind of the slient type
Hot,Sexy,Jock,Bad Boy