Who's your winx enemy?

Who's your winx enemy?

We all love the Winx Club and wish we had special powers just like Bloom and her friends! But what if we really were in their shoes? Take this quiz to find out which Winx baddie you would go head to head with to save the magic dimension!

published on January 24, 201357 responses 17 4.6★ / 5

A perfect day means..

Sun, and lots of it
A nice warm breeze
Clear skies all the way

One of your biggest fears is...

Being alone in the dark
Freezing in the cold, brrrr!
Lightning and thunder scare me!

In winter, you like to...

Look at all the pretty lights and decorations
Play in the snow
Stay inside and get cozy

Which do you like to do?

Go star gazing
Go ice-skating
Go on hikes

Your favorite kind of clothes are...

Anything bright or colorful
Anything, as long as it keeps me warm
Anything comfortable

In the summer you like to...

Play in the sun
Tan on the sand
Explore nature

Your favorite food is...

Fresh fruit or veggies
Hot or spicy food

Your favorite Winx girl is... ( sorry if your fav is not there)

Stella, she's so bright and bubbly
Bloom, she's such a warm person
Tecna or Musa, they're so smart and cool

What would your fairy pet be?

Something cheerful!
Something fuzzy
A bird

You don't like people who are...

Mean to others