Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray

In the movie Dorians' picture changes depending on his inner self, see how fast you would age and in what ways.

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How much time do you spend doing homework or studying?

1-3 Hours
1-6 hours
All day

During the summer you

Relax, hang out with friends, go to the mall
Take summer school courses to get ahead

Your favourite things are your

Pets or plants
clothing items/video games/cell phone/t.v

Your car is dirty you

Drive in the rain
Go to the car wash
Clean it yourself

You see a homeless cat you

Take a picture with it/of it
Give it food and a box for shelter
Take it to the shelter
Leave it, it needs to learn how to survive on its own

What do you value most


You get a low A on your test you

Tell your friends
Are happy with it
Are upset and start studying for the next test

Favourite sport

I hate sweating