is my crush worth it?

is my crush worth it?

this quiz actually helps you too find out if your crush is worth having a crush on! <3

published on January 23, 2013149 responses 21 4.3★ / 5

does he react the same to you as he does to his friends?

usually he just stays with his friends and doesn't go near me!!
yeah he is always chilled around me!
no he wont even sit next to me or start a conversation

does he ever help you out?

no, he ignores me!
yes, he offers me help when i dont even need it!
sometimes!! he usually thinks im being stupid when i ask
yeah,when i ask

does he say sorry when he hurt or upset you?

no he tells me to get over it and that it was not that bad
yeah he says it like a million times!
yeah maybe once he looks like he feels pretty bad though!

does he compliment you?

no way! he makes fun of me!
yeah, he wont stop

have you ever been teased that you would make a great couple?

yeah all the time!
no? what do you mean?
they probably do without me around!

does anyone know you like him?

1-3 people
4-6 people
heaps i get teased all the time :(

how much do you like him!!??

i cant wait to get married!! o.0
yeah hes ok!
yeah hes hot alright please be a yes!!

does he ever start a conversation with you?

yeah he starts a conversation that lasts for about 10-15 minutes!
no he waits for me start them!
he usually makes them quick when he starts them