r u a dog or cat

r u a dog or cat

lets see if ur a dog or a cat

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when u were little could u clean urself or did u like to b cleaned by some 1 else?

no..i needed some 1 else to clean me bcuz i was little
umm..i think i could handle it myself
I hated cleaning my self !..i like it wen some 1 cleans me

do u like grooming an animal or stroking?

i dont like stroking bcuz evry time i stroke my pet it bites me :(
i HATE grooming animals (it speads fleas)
i LUV stroking my pet, she/he loves it!
i LUV grooming so my pet is clean nd DOESNT have fleas

do u like ur pet 2 have short hairs or in the middle ?

umm short
umm in the middle
in the middle bcuz if its too short then the animal will b bold!!

loud or quiet?

i prefer quiet its more calmer then and i'm a peacful girl/boy
loud defantly bcuz if its too quiet its kinda boring

cute or bad

sooo cute
bad bad bad
i prefer my self as a bad boy/girl (i like being naughty!)
always cute

pick one!

BD -face with sunglasses and a huge smile!-