are you fat quizz

are you fat quizz

this quizz tells you if you are fat or skinny i hope no one gets fat but i will tell you in a polite way because hek i dont even know ya

published on January 24, 2013151 responses 32 3.9★ / 5

what is your faviroute food out of these

weight watchers
fatty food

when you look down to your feet you see

my feet
the floor
my top

what do you eat for a snack

tonnes of biscuits
an extra dinner
plates of diner
loads crisps
weight watchers
peice of fruit

if you see a ice cream van you

look at it saying " dont eat dont eat"
go and buy the biggest ice cream or as much you can get
cant get out of house
dont eat ice cream ever

how much food you eat aday

breakfast, lunch dinner and snack and dessert
breakfast , lunch dinner dessert
breakfast biscuits, crisps , chocolate , toast, ice cream , 2kg of dinner and dessert and more snacks

when do you exercise

30 mins day 1 day week
30 mins 2-3 times week
30 mins 2-4 days a week
10 mins day
dont ever soz
swimming bikes and stuff
cant get out house
2 much house work

right last question what drinks you drink

water .
orange apple blackcurrent any squash .
lemmonade coke and fatty drink , but its tasty.
beer wine achool
2 times week maybe 1 some vodka and other drink.