are you popular, or a good friend

are you popular, or a good friend

take this quizz to tell you what kind of friend you are like a kind friend a popular freind or if you have any friends so take this quizz.

published on January 21, 201352 responses 30 3.4★ / 5

how many freinds you have

i have some or loads

are you kind to your friends

well sometimes
i am kind

do you hide in corners in playtime

well whats the point i got loads friends
yeh i dont get a long

do you have kids if you do do you go out.

i have kids dont go out
dont have have kids,go out

do you ever go out with your family to spend time and have fun.

no im always out
always all i do is out my family

are you out with your friends ever

na who needs them
always my mum never sees me

do you share with friends

yes always
no they should get it themselfs

right almost there how many friends

1- 1000