What tipe is your persenality?

find out what is your persenality!

published on February 12, 201144 responses 7
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It's vryday and you just came home from school, what do you do?

Finish your homework
Go to your friends and hang out

If you like someone really much? but that someone has all ready someone in theire life, what do you do?

say hi and do something else
go to him/her and flirt and maybe kiss

What do you do if your mother/father gives you a few chores to do on a vriday?

Do the chores then do something else
Go to friends and say youll do the chores later

You see your dad needs help with the car and it will take him the hole saterday to fix, what do you do?

help him even thow it's gonne take the hole day
go out and help him maybe later

You write a math test tommorow, what do you do?

study for the test
play pc, be on your phone or go to friends

It's during exsam time, and you have two choices what do you do?

give your phone and other distractions to your mother/father
keep your phone and other distractions with you