Capita Goon Selection Test By Tanya Rass

Capita Goon Selection Test By Tanya Rass

This test will ascertain whether you are the 'right' attitude and character to persue a rewarding career with Crapita.

published on January 19, 20134 responses 0

You see an elderly person looking confused and obviously lost.

reassuringly ask their details and stay with them until a relative arrives.
Walk on by whilst selecting your next house call from your list

You attend a Pykey caravan site with the insides lit up with colour TV sets

Shuffle on by hiding your hand held computer and tell H.Q. there was no response
Ask if you could try their hedgehog barbeque

Two children have spent their last pound at the Fair and can't pay for the bus home

Cough up a couple of quid and remind them to buget sensibly and be careful when talking to strangers.
Ask for their pound to advise them on the shortest walk home

You knock on a pretty single mum's door. She is on benefits and is obviously struggling to make ends meet. She has no TV license and breaks down crying with the kids wailing whilst cleaving to her dress.

Apologise and wise her up. Then ask for her mobile if your'e a bloke.
Scold her for breaking the telecommunications act and ask her to sign a confession

You attend an address with the police to serve a warrant of entry

Snigger whilst you thump the door knocker shouting "Open Up! we hav rights of entry
Feel sick in the pit of your stomach and decide your'e in the wrong job