Are you a royal or rebel (1)

This test will state if you are the richest of them all or if you don't need much and really don't care how much money you have.

published on March 15, 201523 responses 9
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How would you rather spend your afternoon at home?

Shopping, I mean who doesn't like shopping!!!
Taking a walk with my dog, the most prettiest dog in my neighborhood, I mean everyone has to know that my dog is the best
Writing in my diary it just lets me get everything off my chest
Shooting some hoops, every shot I make, makes me feel like I'm the best
Getting my nails and toes done, I mean who doesn't like getting your nails and toes freshly done by a perfessional

What is your idea of an ideal date?

Going to the most expensive restaurant in town
Movies sounds good
A candlelit dinner
With roses champagne and chocolates
Eating Chinese food watching movies at home cuddled up in a soft warm cover

What is your dream car?

Anything I can afford
Any car is my dream car
A Lamborghini
A chevoret
I really don't need a car im more of a bike person
I dont need a car I am more of a hitch hiker person
I'm good with just walking

What is the house you would prefer?

I don't need a house im thinking about living with my parents for the rest of my life
An apartment will do
Why the biggest penthouse
A mansion
A condo for me
A small little house big places scare me when I'm there alone

What is your style in clothing?

Anything that has a little swag in it
well I am more a shirt, jeans, and high tops kind of person
Every piece of clothing I have has to have bling in them
Dresses and heels
Everyday is a mystery to what I am going wear