What animal are you (6)

What animal are you (6)

what type of animal are you?? Are you a turtle, horce, dog, bunny or panda bear? Find out ;P

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Your thoughts on sports?

OMG!!! I cant live without sports!
umm im to lazy :P
fun! i love running!
yea they are okay
umm? sports? no thanks :)

favorite color?

anything bright and happy!!
purples and blues
yellow and grey

do looks count in a relationship?

NO!!! its all about the personallity!
Nope, as long as you love each other :) inner beauty is all you need
well i dont know thats a hard one.. i guess not
a little.. how else would you catch the other persons eye?
nope, as long as you make each other happy, it doesnt matter what you look like :)

favorite outfit for school

simple jeans and tee-shirt
somethings that is cute but comfortable
sweats or anything i feel comfortable in.
anything cute! a skirt and a cute sweater maybe? but nothing to flashy
anything i feel like; jeans, sweats, etc..

pick one word that best discribes you

laid back

pick one of the following drinks. (on a cold winter day)

hot coco
apple cider
cold lemonade
warm milk


my best friend
none! single and proud!
football jock
prince charming <3
an amazing guy! wish we were still together :/

everyday hair for school

messy high bun
curl it
braid it

what do you think you are going to get on this test?

turtle: slow and confident
Bunny: shy and cute
Horse: sporty and beautiful
Dog: hyper and fun
Panda: laid back and super chill