are u very VERY kind , or REALLY REALLY RUDE?

are u very VERY kind , or REALLY REALLY RUDE?

find out if ur very very kind or really really rude. It's fun and easy! TRY IT! Just BE HONEST!

published on February 08, 201175 responses 18
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Did u ever bully anyone?

yes but i wish i could say sorry to them
no but i got bullied.
no and i never got bullied
yes but im not sorry

did u ever hurt someone?

no and if i did i would say sorry 1000 times
yes but i forgot about it

do u like the angel or devil?

devil cause im just like him
angel the devil should die

would u still like me if only once i took ur money cause i didnt have any

yes because u would probaly pay me back
no u have thosands why do u need to take like $10

what color do u like better?


do u like geeks?

yes cause i dont care about how people act or look
no cause geeks are not cool