What Character are you from my minecraft story?

What Character are you from my minecraft story?

I'm gonna make another minecaft story and it's about a minecraft city filled with villagers. So before you read it find out here which character you are.

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What do you do in your spare time in minecraft?

Walk my pet wolves.
visit the nether
Fly through the night air
Party at minecraft night with all the monsters.
fly only 3cm above a lake
slay some slime
build somethin scary in the nether
posing in front of the beautiful stars
burning things. Wha ha ha Fire is so powerful

What element best suits you?

darkness, water
water, earth, fire

What habitat do you like the best?

The nether
a hidden castle
The end world
In my city at a jukebox show
In super flat mode. perfect place for building
in a beautiful lake at night

what are your abilities?

to fly, invincibility,building
the conquer, burn,fly
To fly, to do end powers, hide in pools of anything

Choose one!

Slenderman, obsidian, purple sparks, darkness, glowing purple, portals, lakes, night
Fire, burn, conquer, nether, stone, lava, dungeons, nether castles
gold, diamonds, iron, cobblestone, wooden planks, parties, villagers, mobs, waterfalls,

What block best suits you?

nether stone
nether rack
any block that's valueable