which pack would you be in?

which pack would you be in?

This test will show your persinallaty you will have. There are diffrent packs icepack,springpack, and arourapack.

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You come across an intruder you?

say "what are you doing here?" and watch them
give them an offering and let them go
attack and pin them down till they fear you

Anothers pack member attacks a student you?

push them out of the way and warn them
ask nicely to stop

You find a plump mouse but you have to fight for the prey you?

run away to find another peice of prey
make a compromise
fight with blood all over the place! (Me: 0.0)

Which game is better?

hop skotch

which super power would you have?

super speed
to be able to talk to humans

Someone flicks your locker in the hallway you?

yawn and sit in your locker
show that person how hurt you feel then go to class
ignore it