Which element are you?

Which element are you?

There are the four main elements - Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. Then there is a fifth element I thought to add... 'Ghost' - the element that is the 'supporting beam' for the others. Ghost element is something than can be heard, and sometimes seen, but never touched.

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Which of the following necklaces would you prefer to wear?

A necklace made with real black and white pearls, and a seashell pendant.
A strong vine, that has grapevine curls and a stone pendant.
Stars of different sizes that are made of Gold, strung together to form a necklace with a white feather as a pendant.
Black faux 'panther' fur peter-pan collar with a fire coloured diamond as a pendant.
Ever-lasting pink petals sewn together. The pendant is a small vile bottle with a cork stopper containing dark pink liquid. It might possibly be love potion!

Which of the following animals would you prefer to befriend?

An excitable dolphin
A loving fox
A carefree dove
A determined crow
An intelligent owl

Which of the following types of weather would you prefer to be in?

Slightly cloudy with a bright blue sky

Which of these times of the day do you prefer?

The fresh dawn
Bright mid-day
The lazy afternoon
The elegant evening
Darkest night

What do you believe to be the definition of a ghost?

Memories of one who is lost.
The scientific explanation - the past locked inside the walls of a building, and then released many years later.
Déja-vu - when a scenario happens more than once, and seems exactly the same as the first.
Legacies - physical objects that others leave behind for you as a way of remembering them.
A spiritual being that is untouchable - the soul from a dead person wandering among the living.