What animal morph are you?

What animal morph are you?

If you was a person with any morph, which would it be? Why won't you take this quiz and find out!

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Shy, happy, silly, graceful.
Really passionate, and sometimes can hide feelings
Tough, strict, serious, got a problem with me?
Smart and I guess that's it!

What is your favorite quote?

Umm.. don't have one.
The fierce don't cry, they fight for what they want!
Passion is love.
Be a leader, not a follower!

What do you honor?

kindness or loyalty
Loyalty, i guess

You walk outside, nothing bad happens, but your friend calls and says she broke her leg, what will you do?

Help her out, I can't just sit there!
Ask," What happened"? You are very curious about
Whoever did this to her will pay! *Morphs*
Take her to the hospital.

In the group, you rather be the...

the thinker
the leader

As you walk to school, you hear a group of 5 girls was talking about you, in a bad way. What will you do?

Sit in the corner and cry or maybe tell one of your friends.
What? Me? They're just haters!
Punch them in the face!
Ignore them, IDC(I DON'T CARE)

What is your favorite animal out of this list?