What place in the pack would you be

What place in the pack would you be

This is a quiz about what place in the pack you will be assined from the leader the pack is called "the chaos" here is the story from the past... pack the leader's name is Aak the beta is kaa. [Blikkims are the real species of dominant creatures on Blik, but both nations hate each other so much they would rather call each other a different species than accept they are alike in any way.]

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When you come across a nice river and you want to drink out of it but its in another packs territory what do you do?

ignore it besides there is another river in your territory
watch to see what happens
sneak to the river anyways no one comes near here.
ask for permission first
walk away its not right
sneak into the river its so easy
run in mabye you will meet new friends

You see another packs puppy run into your territory... you?

return it
kill it... it might be a trap
ignore it
take care of it till the other pack finds it
stare at it
tease it or creep it out you know it will cry
play with a new friend

You get bullied by another pack member you?

say "What youre doing is wrong" and walk away
copy them mabye they will leave you alone
punch them
say " too bad for you"
stay silent
run away scared

There is a battle going on at a feild you?

walk calmly to the feild
run to the feild and be ready to fight
RUN! this will be good!
get ready for helping others
stay back
walk to the feild slowly
run behind the co-medic

You hunt a plump kid but another pack member tries to get it first you?

make a deal
show a warning
fight for it
share it
run away to find something else to hunt
just ignore it
howl and cry