Are you a attention wanter?

Are you a attention wanter?

If you are a girl who always wants attention and wants to always rub on boys if you think your not take the quiz!

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Do you want to be the center of attention when you get around boys?

Very little But sometimes I just want to show my friends up
Yeah, I can not be single!
Sometimes I gotta do what i got to do but not to much

Do boys think your annoying if they are then think your cool but you go to far?

No but i am starting to think they get the feeling but on the other hand some people like me still
Yeah, But i am going to keep it going
I am in the middle because i am getting to much into it

Do you love when people notice everything your doing?

Yes, I enjoy it because i can get a lot of people to notice me
Never i think that ,maybe i can save it for a talent show or tv or something special
Ugh i dont really know but I thin ki should show off so people think i am atleast popular

When someone is getting all the attention in class or your house what do you do?

Say something so that I can some how get into the attention so that someone will like me!
Whisper something to my friend and wish she would blurt it out
Stay quiet and wish one day i could do that

What do you do when someone sends something around that is bad about you?

Yell infront of the whole school and lie about it and just say you didnt do that then you just kiss up on boys after they believe you
Announce it to class and cross your fingers they like you
Confess to a friend and pass it around the school and say you were sorry

Lets say someone says that you tried to steal there boyfriend and it was true. What do you do?

You grab her boyfriend and kiss him and say "me oh no he is mine!" AND SMILE
You say yes and that you have always wanted him but will give him back
Feel ashamed and try to confess up

If you sent a text msg saying you like this guy and someone spreads it around what do you do?

Ask him out and rub it in evryones face
Kind of ask him out and send a txt msg of you guys around the school
Be shy about it and then ask him out but say nothing

If Justin Timberlake asked you out and all these other girls liked you what would you do/

Dance in silents then say softly around the hallway "Im going out with justin timberlake"
Ditch your friends and your mom and kiss boys then hop in Justin timberlakes car and laugh with money in your bra
Be happy and move on

What if The person of this quiz came up to you what would you say

Oh my gosh I am not an attention lover UUUGGGHHH!!
I will not change but maybe a little change will work
Cool thanks for the quiz i mean i dont care

How did you react to this quiz

I am awesome and I am going to just you know tell the whole school
Move on and live life and just forget about it
I dont know tell my friends