What's you summer style?

What's you summer style?

What's you summer style? What type of outfit would you be rocking all summer?

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I would rather wear _________ on a shopping spree in the summer.

Flip Flops
Cow-Boy Boots

I would rather wear ___________ to a all mid-day, outdoor teen party.

A Sundress
Denim Shorts and a tank

I would wear a ___________ to the beach.

A two-piece
A one piece

I love ___________ sence of style!

Taylor Swift

I would rather take fashion advice from...

Ashley Tisdale
Lady Gaga

I would most likely hang out at the _________ on a hot summer day.

The Pool
The Beach

I would hang out at (the) __________ on a cool summer afternoon.


Over my bathing suit to the pool i would wear __________ over my bathing suit bottoms.

A Skirt

I like ___________.

Bright Colors
Dark Colors

I would describe myself as _____________.

Always Excited
Easy going and Calm and comfortable