Are you Goth or Prep

Are you Goth or Prep

Find out if your goth or a prep chica -as in teenager or tween- its all up to u if u are Emo or not

published on January 14, 2013105 responses 26 4.5★ / 5

which one do u want

Emo, Punk, Goth
prep, popular, nerdy

what are your fav colors

black, or any kind of dark color and white
pink and yellow any thing girly

what do u look in for a guy

nice hair, clothes, and personality to me and loves twilight films
nice hair, eyes, sexy body, and the way he loves me

what are your fav movies

twilight,horror movies, texas chainsaw, and the haunted house
titanic,chick flicks,love actually

would u have some piecers

totally yes
hell no my would kill me