What sort of weather are you?

What sort of weather are you?

What sort of weather are you? Sun, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Clouds, or Snow?

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What is your favourite colour?

Brights and neon colours (Pink, Orange, Neon Green, Fluro Yellow)
Soft and Pale colours (Baby Blues, Pinks, Yellows, ect.)
Earthy colours (Browns, Leafy Greens, Sky Blues)
Bold Colours (Fiery Reds, Burnt Orange, Blue)
Warm Colours (Egg Yolk Yellow, Lime Green, Apricot)
Dark Colours (Purple, Electric Blue, Black, Dark Green)

People describe you as?

Sweet, loyal and cheerful!
Kind, imaginative and sensitive!
Clever, exciting and brilliant!
Caring, kind and quietly strong!
Enthusiastic, confident and bubbly!
Soft and Lively and everything else in between!

You and your friend are going to a party. You have arranged to pick her up from her house. When she comes out she asks you, "What do you think of my outfit?" It's terrible! What do you say?

"It's really nice!" You wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.
"It's nice, but it's really cold today. Why don't you put my jacket on!" You try and help her without her realising.
"Um... don't take this the wrong way, but I think the feather boa is a bit much." You don't want to completely insult her outfit.
"Wow! It's really bright and... um... interesting?" You don't want to say anything straight out, so you try to give her hints.
"Sorry, but I don't think it goes together all that well. Why don't I help you find something else?" She might be annoyed with you now but she appreciate it later.
You shrug your shoulders and figure that as long as she is with you, no-one will make fun of her.

You and your worst enemy both audition for the lead role in the school play. She was terrible but you thought you did great! But when you look at the cast list you find out that she has the lead role and you are a tree! What do you do?

Say nothing, she was probably better than you anyway.
You are disappointed, but you say congratulations anyway.
Smile and congratulate her. Being a tree's better anyway - you're always on stage!
Learn all of her lines and make plans on how to get rid of her but never follow through with it.
Complain to the teacher in charge of the play and convince her that you are the better actor.
Pretend like you don't care, when you really do.

What letter does your name begin with?


As you were walking down the hallway, some girl shouts an insult at you in front of everyone. What do you do?

Give her a dirty look and walk off. At least she didn't have a go at your friends as well.
Shout an insult back at her and wait to see what happens.
Keep walking with your friends, laughing like nothing happened. She can't get to you!
Burst into tears. That was so mean!
Make a smart comment back and walk away, but not before you've seen her bright red face!
Walk away to discuss with your friends how to get her back.

For your birthday you friend gave you a present. It was a plain brown diary. When you opened the diary up you could see faint writing which had been erased. When you turned the diary over the price sticker was still on the back: $2.99. What do you give her for her birthday?

Nothing, I'll pretend I've left it at home.
Wrap the diary and give it back to her!
I'll buy her something equally boring and of the same price
I'll buy her something more expensive, but it won't be very personal.
I'll buy her something personal, I won't punish her. Maybe she didn't have any time or money for my present.
I'll make her something personal, she is my friend after all.