What animal are you? (11)

What animal are you? (11)

This quiz will tell you what animal you are, it could be from monkey to possibly a dolphin. Enjoy!

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What are your grades like?

A's, duh.
A's and B's
B's and C's the occasional D
No comment 0_0

How would you/your friends describe you?

to active and annoying, always hyper
too brainy and smart, a smart alec, boring
too confident, but you're pretty awesome

What's your favorite color?

gray, white, black, anything dark
anything bright
blue, purple, pink, other

You have a huge test coming up, what do you do?

Fool around when studying, studying isn't a laughing matter, but you make it one
Don't study, you're smart enough already
Don't study, you couldn't care less
Study, you need to get an A.

You have a day off, what do you do?

climb trees, annoy people every once in a while
swim, do water activities
race people, compete against them
sit around all day, watch t.v., play on computer

What foods do you like most?