Are you a liar?

Are you a liar?

Are you a liar? Do you lie all the time just for the heck of it? Do your friends know you lie to them?

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How often do you lie?

I shouldn't even answer this i'd just lie.
like 40-800 times a day
1-10 times a day.

Do you ever admit you were lying when you lie?

NOOO it will spoil the lie then.
No i wouldn't wanna get in trouble.
yea...sometimes I go up to that person and apologize or tell them I was just kidding.
No i already told you i never lie

Do you think it's hilarious when you lie?and someone believes you?

Duh! It's part of the reason i do it.
no cause i don't

Do you ever make up stories so your friends like you?

sometimes i wouldn't want anyone to think i'm boring and not like me
no people like me whatever i do
i would want to sometimes but i don't that's not right.

Would you lie about kids in your school or people at you work?

Yeah i want everyone to think everyone has tons of bad features so they think i'm the best.
of course....i do like everyday.
no not unless i'm really mad at that person.but most of the time i admit later it was a lie.
no never