Are you a girly girl? (1)

Are you a girly girl? (1)

Are you a girly girl,tomboy or just in the middle? Find out by taking this quick and fun quiz.

published on January 10, 201348 responses 11
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Which do you enjoy doing most.

Painting your nails
Playing sports
Playing in the mud.

How much do you care about having mud on you?

EWWWW.... disgusting who would want mud on them?
I don't really mind as long as I had fun in the mud.
Dude. That's what I love.It's what I live to do,get down and dirty.

Would you rather miss out on something fun to look good?

Of course.I have to look perfect at all times.
No way.I definitely wouldn't miss out on something cool just to look make sure I look perfect.If it's fun I do it!

Which sounds like something you might do on a Saturday afternoon.

Go to a beauty salon and get a beautiful makeover!
What can be better than that?
Hang out,play games,play sports,invite a friend over.
Whichever I feel like.
Hang out with the guys and play football.Go to karate class...practice wrestling.

Would you ever climb a tree?

NO Way.I'd rip my dress.
Yeah I climb trees sometimes.
Duh!! I climb 'em all the time.