What will your Job be? (1)

What will your Job be? (1)

Find out what job your going to have,A dog trainer?,A zookeeper?,a inventor?, a author?,a baker?.Ect. Ect. Lets get started!

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Whats your fave animal?


Do you like to help people?

yes, i love too!
yes, by serving them good food!
Not as much as i like to help animals!

Do you like animals?

yes,i guess
Love 'em

Are you over weight from eating too much?

Yep! I need more food!!
NO i like to keep in shape!
Just a little chunky

Do you like baking around holidays?

yes thats fun!
no.not just around the holidays I love to all the time!!
no that gets the cookies germy,I would rather buy cookies.

Who would you rather save a animal or a person?

Animals they need more help!
I dont really know/
Defintly,humans they are more important!