What will your Job be? (1)

What will your Job be? (1)

Find out what job your going to have,A dog trainer?,A zookeeper?,a inventor?, a author?,a baker?.Ect. Ect. Lets get started!

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Do you like baking around holidays?

yes thats fun!
no.not just around the holidays I love to all the time!!
no that gets the cookies germy,I would rather buy cookies.

Do you like animals?

yes,i guess
Love 'em

Are you over weight from eating too much?

Yep! I need more food!!
NO i like to keep in shape!
Just a little chunky

Do you like to help people?

yes, i love too!
yes, by serving them good food!
Not as much as i like to help animals!

Whats your fave animal?


Who would you rather save a animal or a person?

Animals they need more help!
I dont really know/
Defintly,humans they are more important!