Would You Survive A Robbery?

Would You Survive A Robbery?

I am bored so.... ya and I havent made a quiz in a while and i feel really bad

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You are sitting at the counter ,or in line, and a man runs in screaming. "Get down! Get down!" Then you hear gunshots. What do you do?

Sit straight down, or under a table
Run to the gunshots, or sneak your way over to the shooter
Run for the door

You are under a table and the shooter is right in front of you. He can't see you and his gun is loose in his grip so you could easily grab it . What do you do?

Grab it and shoot, or tackle, him
Put your head in your hands and pray he doesn't see you
Scream and beg for mercy

The man is holding you hostage and everyones looking at you scared and crying. What do you do?

Look down scared and hope nothing happens
Fight back
Kick him...there.... and grab the gun while holding him hostage till the cops arrive

You and a group of people are under a table and a cop is at a back door just in your reach. But the shooter is so close that if you were escaping and tripped he could easily get you. The cops waving you over, what do you do?

Run like a screaming fool
Sit there quietly crying refusing to move
Help the others behind you and then go

You see a little girl crying in a corner. The shooter is about to turn around and see her. What do you do?

Sneak over and grab her
try to wave her over while screaming her name
close your eyes and hope some one saves her

The shooter is finally arrested, what do you do?

Cry and stay put justin case
Jump up and help the other people
Just walk out and stick ur tounge at the shooter