Whats your Broadway personality?

Whats your Broadway personality?

How do you react in the spotlight? will you ever make it to Bright lights and the big city?

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Where will you be in 10 years on a day off from work?

Getting dressed in my SWEET penthouse for a fab night out with my friends. After all, we did just finish a huge movie musical together!
Invviting my friends over to a super awesome sleep over in my cool apartment so we can catch up and rehearse the choreography in the big number for uor play
Chilling in my appartment, playing computor games, and playing with my pet puppy!

Describe you and your friends.

I have 5 or 4 of them, we are all huge stars in our own way, we all bring out t6he best in each other, and together we can accomplish anything!
I have so many, I can only guess somewhere between 20 and 30. We allways laugh, have fun, and spend so much time together. I do have a small group of friends who are my best friends, and I can count on them for everything.
I have 1 or 2 friends. We can be really shy, but I can depend on them for absoulutly anything. We wouldnt change a thing about the way we live. Sure I do like to talk to some other people, but their my best.

What do you do in your free time?

Sing, dance, primp, shop with my friends, or go online to find a good acting school.
Text, dance, sing, rehearse, read, write, draw, or play online gaming with my friends.
Read, write, text, or play with any of my tech toys.

How do your friends describe you?

Confident, fun loving, determind,kinda dramatic, and super fashion forward.
Sweet, charming, hard working, a bit of a push over, and really funny!
Fun, bright, cool, sometimes a little bosy, and 97% fun to be around.

What is yourperfect weekend?

Primping with my friends, shopping, and doing Kareoke!
Texting, hanging out, dancing,and eating ice cream!
Visiting the computor freaks of the world unite in tokyo with my friends, duh!