what job you will get !

what job you will get !

this quiz is about what job you are most likely to get out of a few options i really hope you like it !!!

published on January 07, 201361 responses 15
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if you were out and you got food down your shirt would you

buy another you cant go round looking common
leave it , it shows your love of food
create a cool new look including the stain

what do you usually wear

whatever is in fashion !
something you can get dirty in the kitchen
something you made yourself

you are out shopping what are you buying

a glam outfit
cook books and ingredients
materials and trinkets

what do you do t the weekend

invite friends round and cook a delicious meal
watch a movie and learn every line
invite your friends over to be the models for your latest outfit

whats your personality like ?

bold , exciting , drama queen
creative , clever , interesting
funny , calm , creative