Minecraft type

Minecraft type

This quiz wil tell u what kind of minecrafter u r. U could be miner, killer, builder, decorator, adventurer, good at all, bad at all or even be a lazy cheater...

published on January 07, 201363 responses 27
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U have a stone sword and 15 zombies are going after u. What would u do.

Lets fight them!
Block them off!
Waiting for my end to come...
Go deeper to the caves!
Quickly gamemode 1
Is this the end? Why didn't I make a base!

What do u think it is most important thing on building?

Never thought about building
Building? House is house. It is for keeping u
safe! That's all it is!
Oh, I'm too lazy to build one
Building is what minecraft is about! Lets make
it good
All about details!
Oh, just make a hidey hole!

What do u think is most important about slaying?

Oh, I never do that bloody slaying!
I hate slaying! It disturbing when I'm working.
It is the essential part of minecraft man!
Oh, it adds some fun for me. But don't like it
too much
Just set the time to day and burn those
zombies! Oh it's player? /kill
...never cared.

What do u think is most important in cheating?

Lets build some master pieces!
It would help me find some new strongholds!
Lets kill those noobs!
That's all I do!
Oh make some details, OK?
Nice instant mining!

What do u think is most important?

Strongholds, dungeons and mineshafts!
All these mobs and PVP!
Minerals and underground
Amazing cheats and glitches that r so easy to
Silk touch enchantments and those neat
Well of course, creations!

Did u buy minecraft?

I play offline since I don't need servers. I
always concentrate too well!
No! I have premium account generator so
Buy of course! Like to share my masterpieces!
No. I tried risky and got illegal free premium
account. Some adventure is needed.
I bought it since I can't stand killing only
What for? Why do u need paid? Play offline
since u could at least mine!

What type do u think u are?

A perfect best minecraft player.
Like mining so why not miner?
Hmm... Don't know unless there is type like
Well, SURELY A KILLER! But... I don't have
any kill...
Stop and listen. I usually make more then 10
kills or more man
Walking around maybe? Or maybe finder?

What type would u like to be?

Finder? Adventurer?
Constructer or builder
Cheater heh heh