What does others think of you

this quiz is about what it says in the title- find out what others thinks of you

published on January 06, 201375 responses 15
What does others think of you
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if you learned how to do something you would....

show all your friends and make sure everyone knows
show couple of your friends
dont show anyone its I dont want to boast
only show those who can do it than it wont be boasting at all

At school, your teacher asks a question you think you know the answer you...

dont say what you think.its probably not right.
you put your hand up straight away
you put your hand up after a little while
you think about and end up not answering

youre friend tells you to play football but you dont want to you...

say no but gently give them reasons
play football you dont want to say no
say no without hesiatation if you dont want to dont

what are you scared of?

Spiders. only big or small
darkness.you cant see anything scary!
anything and everthing.

you have to cross a bridge with a freind who has a fear of heights theres a longer way home which takes an extra 5 minutes but you have already broken youre curfew you...

take the longer way home that way she doesnt need to cross the bridge
cross the bridge and tell her to take the longer way home because you missed youre curfew anyway
force her to cross the bridge and tell her to not look down than they would have faced their fear