Does he like you...

Take thi squiz to find out if your dream guy likes you. Or to see ifthat creepy neighbor is really hitting on you...

published on January 23, 2011279 responses 40 4.0★ / 5

First off, PLEASE tell me you know him! You've seen his face right? Heard his voice?

Well... Umm... No... But...
Of Course! I Seen Him Almost Everyday.
Yes I Have! We Hang Out All The Time!
Yeah, I See Him Everyday! He Calls Or Texts Me Every Night.

Did you find him on the internet???

No. I Am Not That Stupid.
No. But We Are Really Good Friends.
Kinda... Sorta... It Has Been Nothing but, E-mail/texts/phone calls.
Weren't You Listening?! I See Him Everyday!!!

How does he look at you?

I Don't Know How To Explain That... Kind Of Like He Is... Don't Call Me Crazy... Studying Me...
Wait What Kind Of Question Is That?
Listen to ME! I Haven't Seen Him!
Umm... With His Eyes... Duh. Okay Okay I'll be serious, Sometimes He Looks Into My Eyes, and sometimes He Looks At Me Like Anybody Else.

Has he ever given you flowers even though you aren't dating?

No, Why Would He?
Once Or Twice...
He Might Have... Alright! Yes! But He Is Just Being Nice Right?
Just A Small One That Came With A Valentines Card.

Has He Ever Complemented you on... ANYTHING?

All The Time. Looks, Brains, Outfit. Is That Weird?
When I Put Myself Down He Does To Boost My Self-estem

Has he told you any secrets of his?

No He's Told Me His Mothers Secret!!!! Maybe Once When We Were Playing Truth Or Dare.
A Couple. You Have To Tell SOMEONE Your Secret, And I Was Standing Right There.
He Tells Me Everything, We Don't Keep Secrets.
One Or Two

Finnaly, when you look at him, are you trying to figure out if there is ANYTHING wrong with him? (Trust me the way you ac t influences a lot!)

Not Really. I Might Wonder It But I Don't Study Him, Ussualy...
Yes He Is Perfect.
A Little I Don't STARE Though.
No, I Don't Do Stuff Like That. It's Creepy.