Which Healthcare person could you be?

Which Healthcare person could you be?

This Quiz is a generalized view of how a group of activities you like or see yourself fit into are associated with a category of HealthCare Jobs…

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Do you like art, design and words?
Do you love to write, talk and communicate?

Yes Yes YES!!
Hmm.. yeah :)
Perhaps ..maybe ..
Not so much

Do you think you would like to talk to patients and their relatives and be of Help by being the immediate person of contact?

Yes, Of course! :)
I dunno, maybe not!
If I can do some research on them :P
Computers are my thing! :D
Nope, I prefer staying on the back-lines!

Would you prefer dealing with unorganized files and papers by maintaining them?

Can work with that!

Can you work with blood? Would you work in a lab of any sort?

Yes, research is a better option.
Yeah, but not blood!
Gues not

Can you work on computers for a long enough time?

Not as much
For a lil bit only
I prefer to work my hands not machines!