What Disney princess are you? (2)

What Disney princess are you? (2)

Have you ever wonder what kinda Disney princess you are? Weather your sleeping beauty of the belle of the ball? Take this quiz to find out

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What do you like to do in your spear time?

Go on adventures!
To be with nature
Being caring:)
Motherly to others!
I like to be free-spirited

What is your favourite Disney princess?

I like belle:)
I like jasmine:)
I like Ariel:)
I like Princess Aurora:)
I like Cinderella:)
I like Snow White:)

What is your favourite colour?

Light blue and white
Light blue
Dark blue, yellow and red!
Green and purple
Light yellow

What colour eyes does your Disney princess have?

Light brown
Dark brown
Dark blue
Violet blue
Light blue

What Disney princes do you think you are?

Princess Aurora
Snow White