which austin and ally character are you

which austin and ally character are you

Find out who are you most like Austin ally Trish or des Are you most like Austin des Trish or ally find out now

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If you got a record deal what would you do

Scream and be crazy
Be chilled but feel boss inside
Show off going it's me not you
Say I'm the manager and showing off saying I train
you so I get half The credit

You get a job in melody diner what happens next

Eat cha cha chicken pa pie
Just spy on your mate
Fall in love and composee a song 4 that person
Get a job ... then be you and quit

You get fired from the only job u ever liked

Do a sad dance
Just chew your hair
I don't care I can get a new job but I have a career so
Scream in The cupboard every other job I hate and it
happens 2 me every day

U or ur best mate releases a album what do you do

Happy dance
Be happy I helped them 2
Yeah I got a album
I'm the manger atheist give me half the credit

Ur best mate books u at time square OR u book ur mate

Awesome I'm thrilled
Well done you've really made it
Yeah thankyou manager x thank you so much
Yeah ur welcome