Who Is Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

Who Is Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

In this quiz you will find out who is your celebrity boyfriend. It could be Drake Bell, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, or Tom Felton.

published on January 02, 2013144 responses 34 4.6★ / 5

What color hair do you like on your man?

Blondish white and swept to the side
Redhead and swept to the side.
Light-brown and with some highlights.
Dark brown and spiky.

If your guy was on a TV show or in a movie, what personality should he have?

He should be like a "bad guy", but sometimes he can let
loose and be all lovey dovey.
I want him to be a villian. They're always the best.
Like a shy guy in one, and really adventurous in
My bad boy!

What color eyes do you like your guy to have?

Light Brown
Dark Brown

Do you like guys with six-packs?

Uh, YES!!!
I guess it might be ok...
Only if he looks really skinny.
Yea I guess they're cute like that...

What is your favorite movie?

Journey to the Mysterious Island
Drake and Josh (the movie specials)
New Years Eve
Harry Potter 1-7