Are you fashionable or geek?

Are you fashionable or geek?

Do you ever wonder weather the clothes you wear are cool or uncool? Take this quiz to find out:)

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It's your birthday and your best friend buys you a shirt that isn't your style what do you say to her with out hurting her feelings! -.-

Yeah it's really cool! I love the huge alien on it totally me! Thanks
Oh um wow, isn't that um special!.... Yes very bright... Thank you?..
WHAT THE?! Ewww, why did you get me this?!?! It's so ugly, I hate it take it back! -_-

You see three really nice tops but you can't decide on the one you want! The first one is a black blouse red with lace, then second one is brown with green added into the wool and the last is bright pink with black leopard print.

Of course the black blouse with red lace :)
Yup I like the brown one! The green added
into it looks great!
Omg, that is so me! Bright pink with black leopard print! YAY!! :')

Your at a party and everyone's dressed in cool clothes and looking great! Your wearing....?

A light yellow sun dress with black heals and a
white mini shawl :]
An oversized black jumper with bright yellow
trouser, old trainers and big thick glasses! :L
A gold mini dress with loads of sparkles, and black platforms! :')

You see a pair of trousers one size left but it's not yours! What do you do?

Oh well that's a shame really liked them to :( maybe they will have them in my size another time!
NOOO! I need them, I don't care if there not my size I'm making them fit!!!! -.-
Well I already have a pair just like that. Literally look just like that!....

Your out shopping with your friend. She picks out a cute dress, pure white with light pink and green floral print she asks you what you think?! :|

Well um it's nice I suppose how about the
green one? It's really long and plain?
Yes it's so pretty! You would look great in that
with cream ballet flats! :)
Yeah that's okay, but what about this one! It has gold and silver stars on it! In fact might just buy it! :D