Which season are you most adjusted to?

Which season are you most adjusted to?

A quiz to help you find out which season you are most likely to have fun in.

published on January 01, 201339 responses 13
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Which of the following types of weather do you prefer?

Rain - beacause it feels cleansing for your soul.
Sunshine - because you like the feel of the sun's rays on your skin.
Gale force winds and dark clouds - because you enjoy a challenge.
Snow and ice - because you love their chill, and it amazes you how different they are to other types of weather.
Clear skies - No clouds, a bright blue sky, but also no sun.

To just chill out and relax, out of the following, which place would you prefer to go?

A secluded area close to a gushing river.
A slightly shady spot, close to the water, on a beach.
A dry patch of ground under a large tree, in the middle of a forest.
A safe lake that has been iced over by frost, on your own private land.
In the comforts of your own bedroom.

Which of the following parts of nature would you prefer to get up close to?

Plants and flowers.
Flowing water, like rivers and the sea
Animals of all kinds - but mainly the furry and cute ones!
Icicles, and snowflakes if they didn't melt so quickly.
You're no tree hugger, but you admire the way trees stand tall and proud all year long.

Which type of clothing do you prefer to wear?

Light, waterproof clothing.
Light, thin clothing. Your wardrobe mainly consists of dresses, skirts, and short sleeved tops.
Fitted clothing. Your wardrobe mainly consists of three quarter length trousers and leggings. And tops of a similar style.
Thick, wooly clothing. Tight knits, and bright colours. You love hats and/or scarves
You really don't care what you wear. To be honest, you think you own a whole mixture of clothes. You can match clothes of the same, similar, and different colours and patterns, but that's about it.

Which type of online game do you prefer to play?

You prefer to play board games - offline
Games which correspond to movies - mainly fantasy type games.
Puzzle games
You don't play games online. In fact, you don't really play games at all.