r u scared 2 fight or r u really tough

r u tough enough 2 fight or r u scared

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have u ever beat up someone

no if i tried the person would fight back hard
nope never

if ur parents r getting mad at u r u going 2 talk back like be rude sometimes

no wayy id be grounded
sure why not
well ill just walk away

ur friend is being bullied what do u do

run run run if my friend is getting hurt ill be next
go help ur friend and beat up the bully
go tell a teacher and they will handle it

ur doing a test and a bully starts looking at ur paper and starts cheating what do u do

nothing if i say a peep the bully will hurt me any time possible
say something mean 4 the bully 2 stop
ignore it i dont care if the bully is cheating or not

a bully tries 2 punch u what do u do

start freaking out like crazy and run in circles
punch the bully before the bully punches you
say "why r u so mean 2 me" and walk away

a bully wants u 2 do his/her homework what do u say

sure anytime and start freaking out again
say no and slap the bully
ignore the bully and pretend the bullys not even there