What Disney Princess Are You? (1)

What Disney Princess Are You? (1)

Are you a nature-lover like Aroura? Or love to explore like Jasmine? In this quiz you'll find out which Disney princess you are.

published on January 01, 2013123 responses 20
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Would you save someone? How?

I would totaly. If they were trapped in the woods with a bunch of wolves.... I would hit them with a sharp stick.
Heck ya! I'd say if an evil witch was trying to kill my boyfriend, I'd go and stab her with my ship's mast.
I don't think I'd save anyone....
I would be saved by my prince.
I really don't know... Maybe, I guess.
Yes. If any of my loved ones gets put into a spell I would do whatever to try and save them.

How do you like your adventures?

Exploring in the forest and finding little caves and passageways.
Adventure? Do I have to?
I like hiking, swimming, finding Princes' clothes in the woods.... ;)
I love magic carpets and flying around the city with my boyfriend.
Swimming around and finding hidden caves that lead to terrible mistakes. All underwater.
My adventures are in my books. What else do I need?

Where would you like to live?

The woods are beautiful.
A big kingdom in Egypt. I love pyramids and the sphynx there.
Where ever I want to go. None of your buissness.
An oxygen-protected city underwater. I love fish and dolphins.
Paris, France. It's amazingly beautiful, you have the Ifle Tower, and it's the city of love. Why not?
A nice, big kingdom.

What is your favorite color?


What animals do you favor as pets?

I don't very much like animals... my husband got a huge gash in his arm because of wolves...
Oh every little animal soul is beautiful!
Fish are nice and calm... most of the time...
I love tigers and big cats. They're so precious!
Little mice and rodents are awesome. So cute!
Do dwarfs count?