What Dessert are you? (2)

What kind of Dessert are you? Have you ever actually known? When did you find out, when you did? If you are still in the dark, Take this quiz!

published on June 09, 20178 responses 0

Somebody is bullying a friend! What do you do?

I'll stand up for the bully, but if it continues, I'd be startled and tell somebody else about it. (ME: Oh, Really?)
Umm, I'd tell somebody else about it.. What if the bully bullies me? (ME: I don't think 'bullies' is a word.)
I'll be sweet and kind to the bully and ask him to stop. If it fails, I'll tell somebody else a story to get them to help me. (ME: You would lie!?)
Stand up for her/him. Yell at the bully, throwing the bully off his/her duties. (ME: Wow, your strong.)

You get bullied! You...

I pick on them. It would stop them.
Ignore them. They are scaring me too much!
Try and ask nicely. Id tell others a fake story to get them to help me.
Bully back. It protects myself and others.

Your late because of your sibling. You...

Tell your teacher how your sibling made you late, blame it all on him/her.
Just say it was your fault. Don't blame or include your sibling at all. Her/he was only playing with you, after all.
Blame some on your sibling, and some on the bus. Its just nature.
All of it goes to the bus. It is slower than a turtle, after all.

Your playing at home when you had remembered to go to your friends house. You...

Will have to do it tomorrow.
Go to your friend's. You can play again after you come back. Never break promises!
Just try and go, and leave early.
Just don't go at all. I'll be to busy.. Playing!

Favorite color?

Brown, like chocolate.
Red, Like cherries.
white, like m's on M&Ms.