What Aura Color are You?

What Aura Color are You?

Auras are colors that surround your body, describing your mood, and tone. For example, Yellow resembles optimistic, while Brown resembles greed.

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If someone didn't respect your decision, what would you do?

I wouldn't be offended. It's my decision, after all.
I wouldn't have even told them in the beginning, I'm too tired.
Who needs them? I'm the only support I need for a decision.
Who cares, no one ever supports me.
I would still love them!
It's quite alright.
If they do not support me, I will find a new friend.
I respect their opinion.
Whatever, it's not that big of a deal.
That's okay! I respect their opinion, it's my choice!
Sure. People have different opinions.
What?! I thought my friends would support me no matter what! Guess they aren't my real friends...

How do you feel about your family?

I hate them! They always ruin everything.
I feel brave around them; not afraid to speak my personal opinion.
I feel the best things will happen when I am with them.
I feel jealous of them. I deserve the things they have, more than them!
The smallest joke from them hurts my feelings.
I look for the best in them, even if they've not made the best decisions.
I feel smart around them.
I love my family so much!
I don't believe they truly love me. Why would they want to, anyway?
When I'm with them, I expect a present. If they love me so much, why don't they just prove it?
I never have enough energy to talk to them, so there's no point.
I love my family, and they love me too.

You have a crush: What do you feel?

I feel very attractive to him/her. Maybe too attracted...
I feel calm around him/her.
I feel we are compatible, and we would get along very well.
I hope he/she doesn't like anyone else! They don't deserve each other, I'm better!
If we were together, I would be so loyal.
We could be good together, we could not be.
We would be super compatible. No doubts in mind.
I'm in love!
They wouldn't like me back, ever.
They better listen to what I have to say to them. If not, we are so not compatible.
I'm not energetic enough, they probably don't even notice me.
If they don't like me back, that's alright. If they do, that's great!

When you think of your talents, what do you feel?

I feel blessed!
I worry if I will still have them later on.
I believe people are jealous of them.
I believe that they will help me in the future.
I am happy about having them!
My talents serve no purpose.
I have no energy to use them.
I am jealous of other's talents.
I love my talents, no doubt in my mind!
I have mixed emotions about them.
I might have other talents I have not yet discovered.
I am grateful for all of them.

Do you believe you will amount to something great in the future?

I believe everyone gets a fair shot at becoming something great.
No way.
Of course! I am going to be the best person who has ever lived!
How am I able to tell? It's probably not going to end up that way.
As long as my friends and family support me, I'm sure I can do anything!
Yes, I am very smart.
Maybe! I love seeking new opportunities, maybe I'll become good at it!
Yeah! I'm pretty creative, I'll probably end up having a career that deals with the arts.
Yes. I want to be a nurse, cause I like healing people.
Yes! I'm optimistic, and I believe I'll become someone great!
I am ambitious, so I think I will do something great!
I don't know. I usually become angry at people, so I could be the CEO of my own company.