What frat should I be in?

Which frat at Georgia Tech should you be in? Let's find out right now!

published on December 08, 201410 responses 0
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What are your friends like?

Strong and Nerdy
Smart and Down to Earth
Spontaneous and Up to No Good
Nice and Open
Variety of People
Energetic and Bro-like
Little Off Kilter, Fun
Relaxed yet Fun
Reserved and Elitist
Close and Rowdy

How do you do in school?

Never go to class
Not so well...
I'm doing great! Thanks!
Don't care

What would you want your house to have?

Stripper Pole
Shots Room
Volleyball Court
Shattered Windows (because of too much fun)
Rocking Chairs and Big Front Porch
Prime Location

How do you like your parties?

Close Knit
Super Chill
Something's Getting Broken
Spread out and Plenty of Drinks
Shots and Good Music
Big and All Over the Place
Exciting and Easy Going
Diverse and Crowded
Fun and Open
Let's Frop

What's your favorite?

Crimson and Gold
Pink and Blue
Purple and Green
Blue and Gold
Crimson and Silver
Purple and Red
Gold and Red
Red and Beige
White and Purple
Black and White

What do you crave when you're drunk?

Bagel Bites
Chicken Fingers

How do you treat girls?

Gotta introduce them to all my brothers
Brothers come first
Real southern gentleman
Super open and nice
You are there to serve
You get a little too excited but are sweet
Really well, but you don't like to date
A little clingy but sweet
Make them feel at home in your house
What are girls?