How do people see you in school? (middle school, girls)

There are different social classes in schools and sometimes we want to know which one we are :)

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Do you play sports?

HELL YEAH I DO!!!!! #sportsarelife
Yeah I love to play sports!
Yeah I do
I play a little :)
Is obsessing over boys a sport?
Watching Netflix is totally a sport!
Yes but grades are first!
Yeah but I don't play on a team with anybody I truly know
Does theater count as a sport? *starts belting*

Favorite place?

The beach!
Anywhere that's hip at the moment
The field<3
With my close friends
I don't know I have many favorite places :)
In my bed on Netflix
In the library or anyplace as long as its during summer because during most of what I do is study

Do you every talk about people behind their backs? (be honest)

Sometimes its only when they've been mean to me
Yes!! but only about people that I don't know.
Sometimes I need to stay liked though so I don't do it alot
Only when they get the part I wanted in a play!
Only when they make a bad pass or they suck at sports!
Only when someone is stupid and fails a test!
only when they date my ex :)
Never too busy with Netflix!

Do you consider yourself to be popular?

Yeah duh!
Yes everyone seems to like me and I have a lot of friends :)
On my sports team I'm popular
Well I have a good friend group but I'm not popular
I only had like one or two friends not a lot of people know me :)
In the school plays I sure am
With the boys I am ;)
Yes we all come to each others houses and have Netflix marathons!
Sort of. People always ask me for study guides and homework :)

Best skill?

Acting and Singing
My Charisma
the skill of knowing whats in style!
Watching 4 episodes in a row
attracting boys
Nobody really knows about what I can do
I have many skills!:)
Balancing a 4.0 GPA while being able to see my friends!

favorite thing?

Go to parties and hang with friends :)
I love being with my friends! Especially when I can post about it on instagram
Idk I like inviting my two close friends over
I love being with my many friends. I wish I could go to more parties though.
Watching musicals and plays!!!!
Go on dates!
Seeing an A+ on a test

Someone is being bullied at school what do you do?

Start singing "STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!"
Tell the person bullying to back off!
Too busy kissing my boyfriend :)
Ignore it. I have better things to do with my friends
I wasn't there I was too busy with my two close friends
I was too busy studying with my friends.
Chuck a ball at their face!