Twilight Imperium Racial Profile

For players to decide which race in Twilight most suits their personality

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Twilight Imperium Racial Profile
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What is your player style?

What is your player style?
My idea of diplomacy involves the phrase "... or I’ll ram my seven-ship fleet down your throat.”
I am a Peaceful money making trader
I love the idea of throwing lots and lots of cannon fodder at their foes.
I am a logical programmer who is very methodological
I am a punk who lives for a good backstabbing
I have the confidence to go first to subtly dictate the flow of the game
I like to fight and keep my options open – until it’s time to lay the hammer down and overrun my enemies
I am a brainy thinking person who uses technology to beat brawn
I am a Reactionary typeand who likes to fly under the radar, slowly building a massive empire to crush my
blustery foes
I am an Information junyand who likes to play a conniving, cerebral game of cat & mouse

Preferred International Relations THeory

Preferred International Relations THeory
Realism (the galaxy is anarchic / states need a strong military to survive and pursue their interests)
Liberalism (the anarchic galaxy can be overcome with cooperation to pursue long term interests for all states)
Constructivism (liberalism and realism like all other ideas are social constructs and do not apply)

What is your preferred motto?

What is your preferred motto?
"Peace through Power, or I'll ram my ships down your throat"
"Maximizing utility through peaceful voluntary exchanges"
"Join us or Die, (or die and then join us)"
"We take what we want, when we want"
"buzz buzz buzz click click click ROAR! CHOMP!"
"...(silence)... *dagger plunge*"
"Come now, put the gun down, let's discuss our disputes peacefully in a committee over tea"
"Human civilization - Not insect - should dominate this Galaxy now and always!"
"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first
find yourself."
"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought."

Which sort of power do you prefer?

Which sort of power do you prefer?
Hard power
Soft Power
Both hard power and soft power

What is your preferred form of government?

What is your preferred form of government?
Monarchy / Dictatorship

What is your preferred fighting style?

What is your preferred fighting style?
Upgraded battle ships!
Swarms of fighter planes
Lots of star ship troopers with boots on the ground
Paying enemies protection money to not hurt me, or funding mercenaries to fight for me
Asking the nearest Non-Government Organization to write a condemning letter to my aggressors asking them
not to hurt me.
Swarms of highly evolved deadly roaches that can slice space-craft with their claws
Inventing a giant death-ray to vaporize my enemies and their planets
Relying on intelligence and counter intelligence, watching my enemy and waiting for the right moment
Using a military industrial complex to out-manufacturer my enemies ship for ship
Hit and run, cheap shots