How random are you? (3)

How random are you? (3)

This is just a quiz I made because I got bored and this is my first quiz too! So don't judge the blonde

published on June 11, 201431 responses 25
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What's your favorite color?

Waffles(me:wtf does that got to do with
Anything bright!
Any color I want it's none of your business(me:it kinda is)

What is your favorite food?

Waffles(me:here we go again)
Anything cold=->
Anything hot :->

What's your favorite animal?

Waffles(me:that's not an animal!)you:way to believe!(me:growls)
Anything majestic like ponies=-O
Anything domestic(me: that's understandable I guess)

Do you think your random?

Waffles!(me:Stop with the waffles already!)
No I'm not random I'm someone else(me:Well played :-})
No I'm not random I'm normal unlike you(me:Rude much>:-()

What do you like to do for fun?

Play with waffles(me:*takes waffles*)you:Hey!(me:*duct tapes mouth shut and runs*)
I like to watch my little ponies:-@ (me:wow)
I like to read(me:Finally a normal person!)you:Unlike you(me:Hey!)you:Just stating facts

What's your favorite song?( out of the ones I picked)

Shine bright like a waffle!(me:that isn't a song!)
Anything to do wid ponies:->(me:That's reasonable I guess :-/)
Is it any of your business?(me:Yes it is)you:Stalker(me:Yep that's my name!)

Should I give the waffles back?

Yes you thief!(me:Just because you said that'im keeping them)you:No!(me:Yes>:->)
Can I feed them to my ponies?(me:*looks at A1* Of course you can!>:-))A1:No!
No maybe it'll stop with the waffles(me:I like you as a friend)you:Thank you(me:np! Your my new friend)you:Oh no!(me:heard that!)you:

The quiz stops here well c ya!

My waffles why!?(me*throws waffles over cliff*)you:*runs after waffles*
Bye from the ponies!(me:great...)
Just give me my results and shut up!(me:Look who's in a good mood?!)you:Ow! Wtf?

Before you go! Did you think this was good?

NO! You threw my waffles!*calls waffles police*
No I didn't you annoyed me to death(me:Your mean)