Which Dinosaur Island character are you?

Which Dinosaur Island character are you?

What character are you closest to within the Dinosaur Island canon universe?

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How do you prefer to resolve conflict?

I run
I fight
I try to diffuse the situation
I eliminate those in my way
I trick my attacker
It depends, I try to figure out the right move for the specific situation

What type of diet do you partake in?

Any and all flesh
Only the toughest, biggest herbivores I can find
Whatever animal is easiest to kill
My enemies

During a dangerous situation, how far would you go to protect your loved ones?

As far as possible
Very far
Far within reason
Somewhat far, but at the end of the day my own safety is my number one priority
I have already lost all of my loved ones
I have never had loved ones

How many of your friends and family have you lost

Almost none, they're practically all still with me
Some, I still have most, though
A lot unfortunately
Virtually all of them
I never had any to begin with
Only one, but they were the only one I had

How often do you encounter trouble or danger

All the time, danger is my figurative middle name
A decent amount
About as much as you'd expect
Not too often, surprisingly
Almost never, I avoid it at all cost
All the time, but danger is NOT my middle name and I don't particularly like how often I find myself facing it

How unique would you say you are?

I'm the visual equivalent of white noise
I am average I guess
Pretty unique I suppose
Very much so, you won't be forgetting me anytime soon
I have exactly one extremely unique feature
I have exactly two extremely unique features

Which environment would you want to live in out of the following?

Temperate Woodland
Tropical Rain Forest
Rivers and Lakes
Lush Grasslands
Mountainous Conifer Forest

Would you say you feel...

Kinda' fluffy

If you were a figure, what company would make you?

Safari LTD (Carnegie)
Safari LTD (Wild Safari)
Safari LTD (Eaither)
I would be a Chinasaur

What's your favorite color out of the following?

The blue of flowing waterways
The red of my victim's' blood
The green of the grass around me
The black of the shadows in the forest
The white of snow
The gray of my hunting partners' scales

Which best describes you out of the following?


What is your primary defense?

Bite force per square inch
The top of your head
My cunning
Enlarged thumb claws
Highly developed toe claws
Long sharp teeth

Finally, which one of these families would you want to be a part of?