Would you survive in the jungle?

Would you survive in the jungle?

imagine that you have just woken up in the jungle. No food or water supplies with you. Not even any form of communication. will you survive?

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You have woken up in the Jungle. Sounds of the birds wake you up. How do you react?

AARRGH! the jungle!
man i'm starving...
is this a dream?

You come across a BIG pile of wood...what do you do with it?

Make a shelter, i'll be safer then
Why would i need wood in a dream?
umm...Hang on...creator of this quiz? what is wood good for?

You come across a swarm of wild wasps. What do you do?

poke it. If this IS a dream then nothing will happen
1 word. RUN.
OW!"7^&%&^%&^%*&^%&^E^)Q*(&E*^%E&%^*&#% OWCH!^&*%#(*%#&(^%#&"

you come across what looks like a dead bear. What do you do?

it's hibernating. better leave it.
YUM! -bites it- IM Staaarving!
throw rocks at it.

You stink really bad now, and there is a pirahna infested river there. What do you do?

if i bite the pirahna's they will die and i will be safe.
i wont risk it.
SCREAM! -runs and bashes into tree-

You see a LION charging at you. it will eat you. what do you do?

hide in the bushes
hide in the berry bushes
sit in the berry bushes

The bushes u sat in were poison ivy! what do you do?

you have GOT to be kidding me!
Time to use that first aid course!

You find your way back to t he shelter but you get lost! what do you do?

i'll just do the calculations... OK! head north 60 degrees then south east...
WHAAA! i'll Never get out of here! t h is isn't a dream! it's a nightmare!