What kind of Person are you? (16)

THis is super weird... Okay what person are you! If you do not know what this means, read on! So this isn't 100% certain so yeah Either you're Girly, Tomboy,or Emo! So yeah byez!

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Don't like attack me or something!!!
What is your favorite color?

Umm, green, blue, etc.

What type of clothing do you wear?

Skirts, blouses, dresses, all the things that are pink and flowy!
Jeans, regular t-shirts, not flowy clothing, shorts
Dark clothing

What would you do on a weekend?

Hang out at the mall shopping for High Heels!
Sleep in or play a sport.
Something. Why would I tell you?

If you faced a bully at school what would you do?

Try to charm him with my charms and beg for him not to hurt me!!
You: Ohmigosh! *flashes smile* Please don't hurt me!
Bully: *grunts*
You: My manicure!
Join in the fight!
You: Hey bully! *punches*
Bully: *growls*
You: Come on!! *fights*
Stay out of the way.
You: *scoots around bully*
Bully: Where'd he/she go?

Last Question!
The boy/girl of your dreams asks you out what would you do?

You: OMG Yes!!!!
Boy/Girl of your dreams: K
You: Meh.
Boy/Girl of your dreams: Oh. How about pizza?
You: No way Jose!
Boy/Girl of your dreams: What's wrong?
You: Get out of my face!